May 31, 2017

How to enable 4G LTE on LG G3 to use Jio SIM

Jio SIM supports only 4G LTE / VoLTE mobiles unfortunately LG G3 is not supporting by default even though it is compatible device. It is easy to enable service using simple trick. This trick is working on unlocked phone / CDMA / Verizon / T-Mobile which are imported from US / Canada / Europe / UK. If you are moved from abroad to India then check whether your device need to be unlocked or not. There are some other tricks are also discussed to solve this issue unfortunately those tricks does not work on few LG mobiles.

Download Shortcut Master (Lite) from Google Play Store before going through enabling process. This app need not to be purchased and also come with life-time licence. This technique will not help you to enable VoLTE though you can use your Jio SIM number for using internet at 4G speed.

Follow these screenshots images taken using LG G3 VS985 while enabling 4G LTE service on Android 4.4.2 KitKat version.

1. Download Shortcut Master (Lite) from Google Play Store, Tap anywhere on screen to get Menu

Tap on Search...

Type 'Hidden Menu' then press Search button

Scroll down to find Verizon Hidden Menu (com.lge.VerizonHiddenMenu.vzwLTETest.LTEBandSelect) then tap to launch

Tap on Launch icon from Popup menu

Enable all disabled Bands in order to activate LTE bands under LTE Band Selection

Tap on Save and Reboot

After restart you can see 4G LTE status with network service provider signal

After seeing 4G LTE status on top of the screen, you need to setup APN (Access Point Names) to use data service. If you are still not able to get network of Jio go to mobile networks under 'Wireless & network' tap on 'System Select' then choose 'Network mode' as 'Global'. In order to choose network manually yourself tap on LTE/GSM/UMTS instead of 'Global'. Now you can see 'LTE/GSM/UMTS settings' option is enabled. Now, tap on 'LTE/GSM/UMTS settings' then select 'Operator selection' to choose network manually under 'Search networks' option. Alternatively choose 'Select automatically' option to select default network of your SIM.