September 09, 2013

Best websites to convert word to pdf online without email

Start converting your documents such as Word file (doc), PowerPoint presentation (ppt) and Excel (xls) files instantly online from the following websites. I have listed four websites which helps you to convert documents  immediately after you upload and press convert button. You need not to have software, plugins and extensions.

Whats is PDF Document?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format which can be viewed at different platform of operating system and the file size of pdf file can be compressed without losing letters quality. The pdf files are made to display as flat document including its images. Pdf files are faster and easy to read especially when it is viewed by hand held devices.

Pdf files can be protected by encryption and it can also be protected through passwords, disable printing and editing. Pdf files can be viewed easily through Google chrome. The publishers of ebook mostly prefer pdf files because it supports achor linking within document and external links to internet pages as well.

Online pdf conversion sites are very useful especially when you are away from personal computer/ laptop. Many conversion sites are asking email to receive converted file to our inbox. This may have disadvantage like we need to spend extra time and share our email ids. 

Conv2pdf supports conversion size up to 6 MB of file size and you can control rights of document such as printing and editing. Supports all word document formats .doc, .dot and .docx. You can also convert most of the image files formats, html and OpenOffice/ StarOffice files formats.

link: supports not only doc to pdf also pdf to word, pdf to excel, pdf to PowerPoint, pdf to image. You need not to register your account just press "select file" button then choose your file from your local hard disk then enter your email, if wish to receive it on your email otherwise leave it as blank then choose your conversion choice then finally press "Convert" button. also helps to store converted pdf document directly in to Google drive.

This website supports more than 30 file formats to convert to pdf. This online conversion website has document preview before your download. The preview page supports "Printing" your file to printer and "Download" to your local storage as well. You can Zoom in/ out, see thumbnails of your pages.

link: is very simple to use just upload > click > convert, your job is done faster and easy. The site is very simple to use and no distraction from advertisements.