October 31, 2013

Tips for Successful Adwords Campaign

Adwords campaigns does not run effectively due to fail to attract people. For instance, the campaign is receiving many impressions and its fail to make people to click on text advertisements and banner advertisements. The ineffective advertisements not only increase cost of advertising also reducing profit of sales. The marketing lead must aware of profitable Adwords campaign in order to increase return on investment. To find whether the campaign is running success, we must carefully watch CTR, Average CPC, Impressions and Clicks received for a particular keyword.

Some keyword are receiving many impressions but not receiving any clicks or lesser clicks then you must know that your money is being paid for impressions. You must immediately stop the keyword for particular advertisement. In another way, you can watch CTR of keyword is just between 0.00 to 0.09 then you can come to know that it is not an effective keyword. When you watch Cost that have been paid for a keyword might be higher than other keywords, it is also not a effective campaign.

For instance, Keyword 1 has 500,000 impressions have clicks 500 and the CTR is 0.10 and Total cost spent is 300$. The same advertisements runs for Keyword 2 has 500,000 impressions have 1000 clicks and cost spent is just 100$ is really successful keyword unless the bid of the keyword is increased by other competitors for keyword 2.

Many keyword bid is very high and you must avoid to choose higher bid keywords because you have to pay huge amount. When you bid a keyword for just 0.50$ but later you might see the result is not effective and spent huge amount.Especially when your are running advertisements for US from India. The currency conversion makes much difference. So you must bid a keyword in your local currency rate. Adwords update of result also will not take place immediately, so you must carefully choose less competitive and appropriate keywords. For instance, if you are doing online mobile selling business you must not choose "buy mobile online", because it may be highly searchable, unfocused of particular product and very competitive. You can choose keyword such as "buy Nokia mobile online UK" which focuses actual user needs. As far as i know, using Adwords for merely receiving traffic is just wasting money without any profits.

You must also avoid while choosing single keywords for text advertisements. You can choose 2 to 3 words phrase keyword for your ads, which is really going to be very less competitive and lesser bid. If you have not sold a particular product when user comes through advertisement clicks it is also loss and the loss must be added with your investments.

While writing your text advertisements you must know that how to attract Google searchers. You must have done thorough market research for selling. For instance,  advertisement 1 as follows:

website hosting free all
Buy website hosting from
company name fantastic offer

the above text advertisement appears to me is just simple and general. I am sure that this text advertisement will not be a success one. As a lead i am just modifying the advertisement 1 as follows:

100% free dot com domain
free emails, pay only 2$pm, 24/7 support
free wordpress install only at

Now the advertisement has some meaning, price tag, focusing keyword term called "WordPress hosting", attracting user through 100% free.com domain. The same advertisement becomes successful and started receiving more clicks than previous and increase in sales as well. I have also chosen a keyword "free WordPress hosting" instead of "website hosting". I have just taken as a sample, whatever i discussed not from real time, but gives you an idea of running successful Adwords campaign by yourself.

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