October 30, 2013

Tricks for increasing FB post likes

Many people are interested to increase likes of Facebook post because they believe that receiving lot of likes will help to increase search engine optimization and traffic. Any post of Facebook page will not receive more likes unless it is being advertised to large audience by Facebook website to real FB users. I have just did Google search and found lots of people are buying likes for Facebook page or post. We must think logically that all likes that we purchase are real? Are those likes are from real audience? Are those audience will be interested to follow updates and share view and comment back?

If you have lots of likes for fb page and does not have any web traffic hits, comments back for the url/ post that you have talked, then you might have bought fake likes through bots. Sharing any url to fake likes to receive traffic and sharing with fake audience also affects Adsense account earnings or ban your Adsense account permanently.

I have just listed best risk free tricks to increase likes of fb page/ post:

Trick 1: Advertise your Facebook page or post using Facebook advertising to receive real likes

Trick 2: Advertise your Facebook page directly on your website. For example pop up your FB widget while web page is loading

Trick 3: Use fb likes button on every post of your blog post

Trick 4: Use fb page url on your signature of your email

Facebook also giving free fb coupons for new fb accounts. You can get 50$ facebook advertising credits from fatcow hosting services. Try to use free advertising coupons and if it is successful invest more money to advertise your fb page.

Even if you buy likes from other sources to show as if you have lots of audience and keeping real likes received from facebook.com together with fake likes is also also harmful and not advisable.