June 12, 2015

3 best ways to earn money online

If you are a graphics designer/ logo designers/ web designer/ content writer/ artist/ video audio professional/ programmers there are many number of jobs available across internet. You can succeed if you are an individual contributor and of course a team or company can also succeed.

The following websites are the best way to earn online and payments are gaurenteed either through paypal account or other payment methods provided by the freelancing sites.


This website has enormous design opportunities for web designers and graphical designers. You can start earning when you complete logo design/ flyer design/ business card design/ website design/ word-press theme design and many more designing projects are available. You must be highly professional in terms of quality design output and must meet intellectual rights (created by yourself) which can go for trademarking and branding. You can earn USD 100 for logo design project and some clients offers participation fee for selected participant as well. It looks like you are participating design competition. You can see lot of best design professionals from all over the world available in this site for best in-class output.


Fiverr.com is an interesting site where you can earn but less paid compare with designcrowd for designing work. The risk here is sometimes clients expectations are too much just paying 5USD for design project and even they reject the output. The interesting part is that you can get paid for producing fun and bizarre photographs and funny video & audio recordings which are popular at fiverr.

Fiverr also provide paypal account transfer and every project you work for 5 USD and 1 USD will be automatically deducted and the remaining 4 USD will be paid for each order. If you have very good idea which can be implemented in a short period of time surely this is for you.


If you are a good blog content  writer you can try Google' s Adsense. Remember that Google will ban you even if they find anything against their Terms and conditions. Once your account gets banned you lost your hope with Adsense and your account will never again be given chance to earn money with Adsense. You will be paid depends upon country currency of ads shown in the particular country. The money is based upon clicks you received for advertisements of Google's advertisers/ clients.