June 22, 2015

How to add A Record in Godaddy.com?

I have recently purchased a domain name at goDaddy.com and hosted my account at resellersclub india. I had to point my hosted website or front site to point it to my-domain-name.com. The site provider gave me an IP to update it on “A Record” column at GoDaddy or use that at anywhere else you purchased. Before going through the series of simple steps to add A Record let us we learn what is A record.

What is A Record? A record is an IP address that points to a domain name. For example the IP address points to your-domain-name.com where ever it is purchased. Instead using Naming Server update on domain seller A record is directly used to point to your hosting index space from your domain registry.

The steps for adding A record at godaddy.com

Step 1:

First log on to your GoDaddy account using your username and password. You can find a small drop down on top right corner. You just hover or press on your first name mentioned. You could see “My Account” as menu item. You can press or click on it.

Step 2:
In this step you can see the list of what are the purchased products. On Domain’s tab there is list of domains that you were purchased are listed. You locate the domain name that need to update A record. After you locate press a button called “Manage”

Step 3:
Here you can see three tabs such as Settings, DNS zone file and Contacts.

Now, Press “DNS ZONE FILE” then you are about to see the next step screen.   

Step 4:
Now you press Edit record icon then you can see a popup asks you to update the IP Address. Just copy and paste or type it then press FINISH.

Finally you can refresh your website in browser window. You may not see the update happens immediately. It will take 1 to 2 hours to be happened. If still you have problem you need to contact customer care of the A record IP provider for exact IP address.