June 12, 2015

Free 150$ Bing Ads Coupon - Get it now !

Microsoft Bing is an alternative online PPC advertising tool for Adwords to kick start your sales. Get your coupon before it expires on July 2015. You can get one bing ads coupon or (url : http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-au/cl/18050/free-bing-ads-au) from Microsoft Yahoo! Advertising to increase your sales, boost traffic and brand visibility.

Why Bing Ads?

If your site does not visible on natural search result then you must try Bing ads now. Bing ads service is not a SEO service to adjust or optimize your site so as to bring it on search result organically. It helps you to bring immediately on search result instead of SEO procedures. It is a SEM tool which gives you lot of control over your search appearance for keywords, target ads based upon location. It can show the ads dynamically based upon searched keywords which means you can show different type of ads for different keywords.

Bing is a cost efficient ad server than Adwords, increase your user online at least 30% immediately which means more sales from those who are using Bing search engine.

Bing does not affect your SEO whereas it can additionally drive huge traffic to your existing natural traffic.