June 15, 2015

Free adwords coupon codes 100% working

Before you start advertising, just read brief introduction about What is Adwords? and how it is going to be useful for your business?

Adwords is an online advertising tool where you can create text ads and image format banner advertisements. The text ads will be shown to millions of users who uses Google.com search website and banner ads will be displayed across millions of websites, blogs and Android mobile apps who publish your banners and they are partnered through Google Adsense. You need to pay the money based upon impressions that you received for a particular advertisement which means that the particular ad will be displayed for 1000 times then you need to pay the amount.

Whenever your advertisement is being  clicked then you receive traffic to your website and then you need to pay for a click. The particular click costs depends upon bid amount for a keyword. For example, people do search at google.com using keywords. Your website does not appear for a keyword which is very important for your business to be identified then you have to add that keyword in adwords at the same time competitors are also looking for the same. At that time a keyword goes for bid so that adwords can display your advertisement on top of other ads.   When someone pay higher bid for a particular keyword again your ads will be  demoted. The game is not yet ends when someone bid higher than you. You can go for higher bid again or you can try for alternative keywords if the keywords are no more going to give good returns.

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