June 12, 2015

How to extend battery life of Laptop and Smartphones

Gadgets are useful only when its battery performance is good in terms of long power backup and longer life. We are all concerned about original battery life because buying again costs at least 10 percent of gadget's price. Sometimes when the model is out dated we may find difficult to buy again in shops even with authorized service centers. The battery life can be extended only when it is properly maintained. Here the tips for extending life of battery:

Don' t Keep Charging Always

1. Don' t keep charging continuously: You may forget to remove your charger from your gadget before going to sleep. Most batteries can be charged within 1 hour. Keep battery charging for long hours causes battery get heated and become fatty from its size over period of time.

Don' t drain your battery

2. Don' t recharge after the battery becomes empty.

Don' t over heat

3. Don' t keep your electronics gadgets near the hot areas for example on car' s dash board, near laptop fans or top of any over heating devices such as stabilizers/ TVs etc.,

Don' t use low cost chargers

4. Don' t use cheaper mobile charger/ laptop chargers and other brand chargers with same input pin. This also affects soft pins of chargers also the low quality chargers will harm your mobiles, fast battery drain and slow charging.

Switch off when not in use

5. Nowadays even when we sleep the gadgets never sleep, we just leave it as it is in power supply or keep switched on. I had a smartphone used for many years even it is still working because i switch it off during night times . Thus may also increase life span of your battery.