June 23, 2015

How to integrate Google Analytics with Blogger or Website

Google Analytics is one of best online users tracking tool that helps you to achieve successful online business. It tracks performance of your website happening through advertising and SEO strategies. It can be used to  optimize your website based upon users activity. Google Analytics can be incorporated in WordPress, Blogger, eCommerce and mobile apps.

There is lot of online analytical tools available though Google Analytics is why popular? because most of the searches and landings to your websites are coming from Google search. Google has complete record of  keywords, website index and popularity. It also tracks how much time users spends their interests in your website, click through, return on investment (ROI) are being monitored and recorded by Google. That' s why billions of people prefer and believe Google Analytics to get exact tracking results of user activity so as to grow business.
Google Analytics can also be used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. For example, it can show how user reached to website from Google search. It can also give details of traffic received from the links of external websites such YouTube, Facebook and Google Plus. It can give results based upon demographic regions. For example, it gives detailed traffic result from which country users are coming to your website so that you can also target your audience in particular country to increase your revenue.

Integrating Google Analytical is quit simple. I have shown my screenshots with step by step installation guide so that you need not to waste your time in searching links.

Step 1: Go to www.googleanalytics.com the locate "Access Google Analytics" button on top right side of the website.

Step 2: Press the "Admin" from the tabs of Home, Reporting, Customization as shown in the below figure

Step 3: Now you can see a "Account" drop down. You press the drop down and click "Create new account"

Step 4: You have got a page titled with New Account. The New Account refers the website that you are going to track. You have two tab options. Yo have to choose either Website or Mobile App. Since we are going to track blogger, i am going to choose "Website" then i fill it up my Account Name (anything you name it), Website Name (your website URL without http://) then press "Get Tracking ID".

Step 5: The popup is visible with list of countries with relevant terms and conditions. Since i am from India i chose India and then pressed "Accept" button.

Step 6: Now Google Analytics gives you set of code within <script></script> tags. You need to copy this code manually to incorporate it in your blogger.

Step 7: Login to blogger.com, then go to your blog then press "Layout" from left menu.

Step 8: You can see your layout settings of your blog. Depends upon your blog template your setting may be different. Anyway, you can see the "Add Gadget" to relevant division of your layout.

Step 9: You choose insert HTML/JavaScript gadget which helps you to insert the copied JavaScript code from Google Analytics. The inserted code will be invisible automatically to users. Remember that you have to leave empty the "Title" textbox appears above "Content" large text box so that the Title will not be visible in your website or blog. Now, press save button.

Step 10: Press "Save arrangement" right side of your Layout column settings.

Step 10: The code is successfully integrated to track visitors of your website to analyze.. You can login back to your Google analytics account then choose your Account name available immediately after you login to Google analytics. When you press "All Website Date" you can see wonderful report shows complete results of your users activity, how many visits from all over the world you received.

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