June 11, 2015

The free website to learn coding and online tutorials

Learning computer programming is easy when you understand the term meaning and how to execute the logic through particular language syntax. The language can be anything like c, c++, java, python and .net etc., anybody can learn programming through lot of online tutorials. I just listed here some of the useful sites that are useful when you start coding yourself.

1. w3schools

The w3schools.com is the best free online tutorial site which covers entire topics to do web programming and web designing. It covers HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Bootstrap, XML, MySql, ASP.net, JASON, AJAX, Responsive Web Design and Angular JS. I am sure that most of the web developer/ web designer/ UI/ UX professionals/ Software Engineers come across this site frequently.


2. lynda.com

If you are looking for tutorials which will teach you like classroom learning, sit-back and just by watching videos and easy understandable then Video tutorials are always helpful to you. Lynda,com is one the best online video tutorials site where you can learn Search Engine Optimization, Joomla, WordPress, Photoshop and much more can be learn at www.lynda.com.

3. sitepoint.com

The sitepoint forum, regular crisp blog posts and wonderful books from sitepoint are the best resources available online which can shape you to be successful programmer in the world of WWW. Sitepoint' s books are written as simple, easy to learn through analogies, practical examples for real world are plus point. You can access entire library just paying less amount than buying printed books.