July 13, 2015

Kick start your profit using Adwords Ads

Google is giving free Adwords coupon code to advertise your website across Google search, Google partner websites and search networks of Google. They are distributing coupon code worth $75 US dollar just by entering your email id if you are from United States and Canada with valid billing address.

What is Adwords?

Adwords is an online advertising platform which helps you to get traffic to your website immediately. The traffic is 100% human traffic and it is completely safe from click frauds. Google not only help you get 100% real hits to website also hits from targeted customers from particular region or location. Since the opportunity to show your website immediately to targeted customers, you can show your product over the top of other competitors who are selling the same products online. You can sell your product immediately without waiting to get list on first page search result through natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods. The waiting for natural ranking sometime may not be useful because your product get out dated in the market. You have to pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement which can be advertised as Animated Banner and Text Advertisement.

How to advertise on Adwords?

You have to advertise on Google search through text ads and banner ads. The ads will be displayed across  millions of websites, Google partnered blogs and Google search. You have to create text advertisement with attractive caption with limited words and set your landing page.

How cost per click is calculated?

You need to insert keywords from suggestion list given by Adwords keyword tool. It gives you hundreds of  most searched keywords on Google search. According to your business goal you can insert keywords list and start advertising after Google team finishes review and approves.

Since each Google search page has limitation to show ads at the same time same business people are trying to display their ads for the same keyword. In that time, you have to bid or offer for higher cost for particular keyword so as to display your ad over the top/ prioritized to display it on front/ first page. If your ad and landing page has good quality score, your ad will keep on showing on top of other ads.

I am not US or Canada citizen, Can i run it from other countries? Will they provide coupon for my country?

Yes, Adwords have offices from many countries across the world. They just verify your billing and contact information and then they approve it immediately after you paying required amount initially. Your coupon get activated after you spend initial amount or sometime even before you spend amount that you have paid, the applied coupon can be used. It is all in Google hands to decide or depends upon present campaign.

Country wise coupon code for Adwords

Adwords for UK (United Kingdom)

Adwords Coupon for Australia

Rs. 2000 Adwords coupon code for India

Adwords coupon code for Poland

Adwords coupon code for Sweden

Adwords coupons for Norway

Adwords coupons for Lithuania

Can i use multiple coupons for Adwords?

Yes, you can use multiple coupons at Adwords. If you are a new user you can use only one coupon as a introduction coupon. You can try for an another coupon code as Adwords existing customer directly by contacting Google Adwords marketing team. You can try just calling Adwords mentioned toll free number. They might be providing coupon code for existing customer  based upon your investments on Adwords and your business potential.

Is there any Adwords coupon code generator available?

No, Google has never released any coupon code generator for unlimited Adwords coupon code. Even if you have lot of promotional Adwords coupons with you which you might have got it as  free offer along with web hosting or domain registrations or eCommerce solution providers, all are just for first time users only. You can share it with clients who are interested in Adwords advertising.

Who else providing Adwords coupon code for free?

There are hundreds of hosting providers are tied up with Adwords and giving away Adwords coupon free when you purchase web hosting services. Check out some of them are:

Hostgator Adwords coupon code

Godaddy adwords coupon code 

Fatcow adwords coupon code

Easyspace adwords coupon code

Fastdaddy adwords coupon code

Indiagetonline adwords coupon code

net4in adwords coupon code

Resellersclub adwords coupon code

How much can i be benefited from Adwords Coupon?

You may be benefited for 75$, 100$, Rs. 2000, Rs. 5000, 75Euro for UK likewise, it is all depends upon adwords promotional campaign that you have got or going to get.

Can i buy Adwords coupon code from fiverr.com?

Adwords are not selling any adwords coupon. It is a promotional code especially for new advertisers who would like to give a try and understand power of Adwords practically.

How to Apply Adwords coupon code?

It is simple. Just login into Adwords.com > go to billings section > find out coupon code entry > then just paste and apply. It is very simple to kick start your traffic immediately.