July 23, 2015

1KG Zeera Samba Thalappakatti Style Brown Biryani Recipe

The brown colour zeera samba mutton Biryani is the authentic taste of south tamil nadu. The recipe is famous across the districts of Tamil Nadu such as Trichy, Madurai, Sivagangai, Pudukottai, Dindigul, Salem, Vathalakundu, Ramanathapuram, Periyakulam, Thirunelveli, Perambalur and Kodaikanal.

There are many hotels are famous in this formula or recipe especially Dindugal Thalappakatti Biryani. Many Muslim marriages and functions are celebrating with delicious Brown Biryani taste. The taste is spread across countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Malaysia, Kuwait and Muscut because many indian workers are living. This Biryani is highly energetic and gives you lot of strengths to health because of ingredients. The biryani is served with thalucha, egg and thayir pachadi. Thalucha is sambar like gravy with Brinjal and mutton bones. The ginger, garlic and mint (pudina) helps to lower cholesterol in blood. Any weakest person become healthy when eat Biriyani some proverb among south tamil nadu people.

To cook 1 kg Biryani which serves at least 8 people can eat well. 1 kg means equal to 1 kg zeera samba rice plus 1 kg fresh goat mutton. Mutton should be velladu or lamb because it gets boiled faster. I recommend use Halal mutton because the blood is completely drained without blood because of Muslim slaughtering method.

  • 1 kg Biriyani ingredients as follows: 1 kg Zeera samba rice
  • 1/2 kg Ballari or Big Onion
  • 1/2 kg ripped tomatoes
  • 150 grams ginger paste
  • 200 grams garlic paste
  • 5 pieces elachi
  • 3 pieces cloves (kirambu)
  • 4 pieces cinnamon (pattai)
  • 1 piece lemon juice
  • 1 kg mutton - cutted medium size
  • 4 pieces green chilli
  • Mint leaves (pudina)
  • Coriander leaves (malli thalai)
  • 1/2 cup curd
  • 150 millilitre pure ghee
  • And refined sunflower oil

First, heat your pressure cooker in gas stove, pour ghee along with refined oil. Then put pattai, elakkai and kirambu in ghee for some minutes to feel the smell. After put nicely chopped onions in ghee to fry. Fry the onions till it gets Brown color. Remember don't deep fry in high flame  continuously and in open. Next, put chilli, pudina, coriander leaves to  fry till it gets thinner. Then put ginger garlic paste to fry. If the paste seems to be sticky on pan reduce flame and immediately put mutton and add required salt. Now just mix fried inion with mutton then mutton leaks some water to get boiled.

Now, add cutted full ripped tomatoes then fry it till it reach juice state. Now add biryani masala 2 tea spoon and mix it. You might have started smell which increase your our appetite. Now add curd with 1 cup coconut milk. After it reaches boiling state but the mutton is still not cooked then you have to close pressure cooker and leave it till mutton reaches 90 percent boiled.

Remember don't cook mutton in gravy fully because it will also be cooked after rice is added. After pressure cooker stops whistling and pressure completely gone then open and add lemon juice.

Now you know that how much water is in gravy approximately. You have to measure the 1 kg zeera samba rice in cup for adding water. Mostly add 2 cup of water for 1 cup of rice. Since the gravy has water, you can reduce the water for rice approximately. Add required water to the gravy for rice. Now add little more salt for rice. Put washed rice on gravy and mix it gently. Now add again 3 tea spoon ghee for taste.

After the rice cooked for 80 percent, it is time for dhum. You have to keep high boiled water on pan over the top of closed Biriyani vessal. Leave the gas stove in lower flame and leave it for 15 mins approximately. Don't open in between to check. The dhum helps to settle the gravy with rice.
The Biriyani masala is mixure of cinnamon, clove and elachi.