December 15, 2015

Change Name and Date of Birth of PF account member

The procedure for correcting or changing the name, date of birth, joining date, father name and spouse name of PF account member is now become very simple. It is important to maintain the details of member at EPFO record for claiming account transfer and withdrawal without any hassles. Any wrong entry of member data or misspelled details of member in record during account enrollment will cause rejection especially when you try to use online services. For example, the member cannot have two different date of birth for two different EPF account. This kind of situation may risk you in failure of account transfer from one account to another account.

Any account is recorded with wrong joining date may have trouble in getting service certificate. The service certificate may be recorded with wrong count of service years. If your nominee detail is not properly recorded or updated then it may give trouble during claim process. The nomination also should be updated when the member got married. Everyone must be aware of the importance of proper account details. It is the duty of member to make sure the details are in place. You should not be relaxed after you submit the required documents for account registration. It is important to check the status of submitted document and you should know whether the details are properly recorded or not.

The member can always know the recorded details of their account themselves. They need not to walk to their HR department or regional PF department to know it. The member might have been busy in work schedule and personal life. In that time they could have forgotten about the deductions of provident fund and what the employer has actually recorded about the employee in profile record. After the long journey of the professional career, at the time of exit from organisation or when the career ends or when they get retired from job, in that time they may be surprised to hear the rejection message through letter from the regional office stating that due to mismatch in account records the submitted application has been rejected. It is not a problem. There is always a way to solve it.

It is not time to who does the mistake. Many youngsters even do not bother and leave it without much knowledge to carry forward to correct the mistakes. This is one kind of reason which might be directed the money towards unclaimed funds. The unclaimed funds are hugely available with retirement body for distribution. To get rid of these, the EPFO always insists the members to check their account details and asked to make the necessary corrections through employer as early as possible. It has set up a separate desk for settling the unclaimed funds. The retirement body kept everything in mind and come up with lot of recent technology initiatives to help people to check their account records up to date easily. The body also took wide range of campaigns to reach the members at maximum level.

Let us first see how to know your account details first before going through the process for correcting the data. There is 2 options are available to check your account details. The first option is you must have universal account number in order to use the latest services. Those services will help you to know your account details. Any member who got universal account number can notice the account details through UAN member portal.

Sometimes it is not really useful, if you don’t know your Universal account number.  There is another way for you, if you do not have universal account number. The alternative method is so simple and it does not need your registration. This service has been introduced very long back. You just have to visit online portal of EPF services using your document number to download the available passbook. This will help you to get over all details such as Date of Birth, Date of Joining and Name of employee name. This basic information will help you to check your account details. After all you know the details you have to go through the following procedure to correct your name.

Step 1: Prepare joint request letter by the employee as well as the employer along with the supporting documents. The declaration letter should mention existing name which is presently recorded and the correct name that you wish to alter instead of wrong name.

Step 2: Submit the letter to your employer along with any of the following supporting documents. The required correction should be appearing same as in the supporting document. The supporting document can be any of the following:
  1. PAN Card
  2. Voters Identity Card
  3. Passport
  4. Driving License
  5. ESIC Identity card
  6. Aadhaar Card
  7. Bank Passbook copy/ Post office Passbook
  8. Ration Card
  9. Any School/ education related certificate
  10. Certificate issued by Registrar of Birth & Death 
  11. Certificate based on the service records of the Central/ State Government Organisation
  12. Copy of Electricity/ Water/ telephone bill in the name of claimant
  13. Letter from a recognized public authority or public servant verifying the identity and residence of the members to the satisfaction of the competent authority.
Step 3: The employer will certify and take care of your submission by submitting the correct details to concerned Field office for changing it. After receiving completed information from your employer, the changes will take to update within 1 month.

The same procedure can be carried out to change your Date of birth. There is another possibility that some member might have changed their entire name due to some reasons. In such case they can submit the proof of gazette copy of published document released by State government authority. You can provide the copy of gazette page copy in which your name change is printed.