December 20, 2015

How to know your PF Number and Member ID online

Knowing PF number of the EPF account is mandatory to operate the various amenities of EPFO. Many EPF account members are struggling to use the facilities of EPFO because they are unable to furnish the member ID at provided columns. The member ID is prerequisite before approaching any online services. It is also basic requirement for achieving transaction between two accounts and withdrawing the lump sum amount. The members are slightly disappointed because there is no straight away method to obtain the code of PF number. It is not a rocket science as the simple thing is not yet discussed anywhere.

Many of your pay slips are printed with PF account number. The employee can login to corporate intranet/ internet portal to know it under respective login area. Alternatively, in every financial year end they can collect your PF slip from employer to know it. In some organizations, they do not reveal it directly on pay slips. The reasons may be the organization is not well established and the records of the employees are being maintained poorly. In some cases, the employees are even hesitates to collect it from employer. They were failed to collect it while quitting the job. Whatsoever to know the PF code is privilege of an employee. The contributed money cannot be withheld by the employer. The latest regulations have also been introduced to ease the withdrawal procedure. The employee can withdraw the money without employer attestation after quitting the job.

The provident fund body has taken many steps to reduce bothers of the members. It has brought an online service which can reveal your PF account number from member ID. This service has been introduced to reduce the hassles but it was not extensively reached to members. Here after, the member need not wait for collecting the annual slip or walk to Human Resources (HR) department to know it. Hereafter, no one will get stuck in searching EPF account number. The search of PF number in online is become easy. The following simple observation will help you to get the PF account number instantly online without any efforts.

How to check PF account number online

This online service does not require any prior registration to check your PF number. However, the member should remember the submitted document and its number which was submitted to the employer along with the registration application for creating an EPF account during the enrollment of member.

In MEMBERS(dot)EPFOSERVICES(dot)IN portal select your document name first then type the document number/ID and mobile number to login. The mobile number should be same as it was mentioned in registration form or use recently updated one.

In case the member does not remember the document id, it can be retrieved under ‘Forgot Login’. The members need not to worry about it. The member will be clued about the password with the document ID through SMS.

In ‘forgot Login’ after entering the registered mobile number, the system will sent an SMS typically as ‘Member Portal login reminder: You Driving License is NAME OF THE MEMBER. (Only one id to be intimated and date of birth is not required). ‘. Here NAME OF THE MEMBER has to be entered in the place of ‘Document Number’.

Mostly the password reminder message will carry your DOCUMENT NUMBER to the mobile number which was recorded during registration of EPF account or the recently updated mobile number. In case your document ID is not stated in the SMS, try to login using the NAME OF THE MEMBER as it appears on reminder message. After login download the E PASSBOOK to identify your MEMBER ID.

The absolute format of EPF account code is considered as member id. It has been introduced to handle enquiry which related to Provident Fund and Universal Account Number. The required format is essential because the system is receiving lot of enquiries from different provinces. The centralized system will recognize the member in specific format. The length of Member ID is 22 digits alpha numerical form.

Now, every EPFO member can identify the PF account number easily from member id. It can be identified as 4 digits numerical number from EPF Member Id. Mostly, the last four digit code of the member id is known as PF account number. The remaining part of the member id consists of Region Code, PF Office Code, Establishment Code and Extension (Ext) code of the Establishment. Here an example format of PF number which is separated from Member ID is shown in the image to understand.

Example of PF Account Number Format

For Instance: Consider TB-VLR-00012345-ABC-0001234 as your EPF member ID. In this member id, TB - Region Code (The state where the PF office is located), VLR – PF office Code (3 characters), 12345 – Establishment Code (Maximum 7 digits), ABC – Extension Code (Maximum 3 characters) and 1234 – PF account number (Maximum 7 digits).