August 07, 2016

Activate UAN of EPF using Member ID, UAN Activation

The member has to activate UAN themselves once it is allotted for EPF accounts. It will act as a portable number to link the multiple member IDs of the same person. This number is an unique which will not be changed while switching your job to another company. Universal Account Number is valid for entire life time of your careers which was introduced to ease the maintenance of accounts related to Employees' Provident Fund matters. EPF account members are requested to keep member ID, mobile number and 12 digit allotted UAN number in hand before proceeding.

To activate UAN follow these step-by-step registration process in online

Step 1: In website under 'For employees' click on 'UAN member e-Sewa' to locate UAN member portal.

UAN activation website

Step 2: Then, click on the hyperlink which is named as "Activate your UAN based registration".

Click on 'Activation your UAN'

Step 3: In next page, enable tick mark of "I have read and understood the instructions" after reading terms and conditions carefully.

Read terms & conditions

Step 4: Now, type your 12 digits number of UAN, mobile number and member ID of your EPF account, and then enter the security code exactly as shown in the CAPTCHA image (Please note that security code is case sensitive so make sure that your CAPS LOCK key status before typing) in provided columns. The mobile number is necessary for creating password in order to login into the UAN member portal later.

Type your EPF account details to activate UAN

The code of State Region and PF office will be filled automatically when you select appropriate area from list. The member id is an alphanumerical number. It can always be collected from your present employer. It consists of State Region code, PF office code, Establishment Code, Extension Code and PF account number.

Step 5: The mobile number has to be verified and validated through SMS for security purpose. The system does not allow you to associate more than one mobile number. Press ‘GET PIN’ button to receive PIN to authorize the mobile number that you wants to register for particular Universal Account Number. Enter PIN number in the corresponding text box then enable "I Agree" before pressing "Submit" for completing your registration.

The members can immediately login into UAN Member Portal after registration process is accomplished. The username for login is going to be your Universal Account Number and the password is going to be same as you entered in registration form. After registration of UAN, it will be activated after 48 hours. In mean time, members can update personal information, change mobile number, download UAN card, check previously tagged EPF accounts, upload KYC documents and change nominee details themselves from menu available in dashboard of user area. The activation is become simpler after the introduction of mobile SMS. This method will make impact among members as it does not require any internet connection and software installation.

To activate UAN through SMS type EPFOHO <<space>> SERVICE CODE <<comma>> 12 DIGIT UAN <<comma>> 22 DIGIT MEMBER ID and send it to 7738299899.

Typically type EPFOHO ACT,123456789012,DLCPM00111110000004444. Here, ACT keyword is used for activation request, 123456789012 is example of 12 digits UAN and DLCPM00111110000004444 is sample 22 digit alpha numerical member ID of your EPF account. The requester has to leave single space before ACT keyword and must strictly add comma between 12 digit UAN and member ID without any spaces for separation.

The above prescribed SMS format should be strictly sent from mobile number which belongs to active EPF account member. The senders' mobile number will be registered automatically for UAN mentioned in SMS. The requester is able to use short code & miss call service to check account only after 48 hours from request. The member may receive the following error messages while trying to register. These reasons may help you to understand why your request could not be processed. (1) Any mistakes in message format will be replied back with correct format. (2) If the UAN is associated already with another mobile number, you will get rejection message along with reason. The reason will inform you about through which method the particular number was registered.

The activation can also be conveniently achieved using App (m-governance) from your smartphone. The retirement body is using latest technologies for members in order to process their request faster. The release of App is another milestone which is already reached lot of installation among smartphone users.

To activate UAN using mobile App follow these steps

Step 1: Click 'EPFO' icon at home screen of Mobile or under 'Apps'.
Step 2: Go to 'Member' area then press 'Activate UAN'.
Step 3: Now, Select PF Office then fill up the details of Est. Code (Establishment), Extension (If any or leave it as blank), Employee PF account number, 12 digit UAN number and mobile number to be registered for particular UAN.
Step 4: Finally, check inputs once again before pressing 'Activate' button.