September 24, 2016

Know your UAN through Online, Check UAN Status

UAN status facilitates to know your 12 digit ‘portable' number in online after successfully going through EPF account verification check. The number is allocated one-time for every EPF scheme investors. It gives freedom to govern multiple EPF accounts of a person by lessening the activities of employers in matters related to transfer, withdrawal and nomination. The investors who have got received UAN straight from their employer can simply identify as a numerical number. It may be disclosed either anywhere on your pay-slips or in employee portal. For instance, it looks like 100456789120 without any alphabetic prefixes and suffixes.

EPFO has come up with a provision for employers to submit the necessary documents at employer portal to allot Universal Account Number for employees who are actively participating for EPF scheme. The employers are able to download allotted UAN list for distribution after submitting the required details. Since many employers have not communicated the allotted UAN to its employees, EPFO has taken one step ahead to issue UAN directly to members. Here After, all EPF members need not to wait to collect allotted number from employer. They can easily receive through member portal without involvement of employers. Today is going to be a good day for you, if you are looking here to know it. To obtain UAN for EPF accounts follow these 2 simple ways in online:
  1. How to know your UAN using PF number
  2. How to generate UAN online
UAN member portal is equipped with a link to know your UAN status using any of your valid EPF member ID. In order to know whether it is allotted or not one must know their PF number at least. Since most of the members’ portable numbers were already allotted, they can immediately register themselves at the same page after seeing allotted status. The member must keep ready EPF member ID (22 digits) in hand before going through instruction given.

To know your UAN using PF number follow these steps:

Step 1: In member portal under 'Check UAN Status' page, select State (Region code), PF office (PF office of Establishment), Ext (Extension), Est Code (Establishment Code), A/c no (Account Number of EPF member mostly mentioned in pay slip).

Hyperlink to check UAN status

Step 2: Now you might get message as “Your UAN is allotted for Member ID XXXXX00XXXXX0000000XXX. Kindly provide following further details for verification. The UAN details shall be sent on your mobile on SMS”. After seeing confirmation message of UAN allocation status of a particular member ID, you have to proceed the following steps further to receive the portable number directly to your mobile through SMS and instantly on the same page as well.

Fill your EPF account details

Step 3: Next, fill the all mandatory fields: Member Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Password, Confirm Password, Enter the code shown (The field is case-sensitive so type exactly as shown in image) then press ‘GET PIN’.

UAN allotment confirmation message

Step 4: Receive an SMS to your mobile number for authentication. The received SMS brings message typically as ‘To complete UAN request process, enter 1234’. Type received PIN number in ‘Enter Authorization PIN’ field and enable ‘I Agree’ then press Submit.

Now, Know your UAN through Status

The member shall receive 12 digits of UAN (Universal Account Number) through SMS from member portal after submitting the required details of EPF account to pass verification check. The corresponding message with login credentials will also be displayed in the same page. Now, the member is able to login in to the user area of member portal. The 12 digits number is going to act as a Username / user ID for login. The password is going to be same as you entered during submission.

The reason of failure might have been occurred due to mismatch of Date of Birth even though correct member ID has been entered. The correct Date of Birth is required as it was mentioned in EPF Registration FORM. Sometimes the failure message is coming due to the particular employee is not employed anywhere at present even though the member holds valid EPF Account. The reason may be anything however holding UAN is mandatory. The members may see status message as ‘Universal Account Number is not allotted’ for particular EPF member ID. In such cases, the system asks you to immediately furnish complete EPF Member ID for generating UAN on the same page.

The members who got failure message while checking their UAN status can send generation request. This online request tool requires any of your EPF Member ID to generate UAN. The facility works well for members who have not yet used any of their EPF member ID. The employee might be holding multiple EPF account number which was created through employer whenever an employee joined with different organisation. Such employees should not try to create multiple UAN using different EPF member ID of a same person. The system does not allow you to generate multiple numbers using previously closed EPF account number and every request might be verified through concern team.

The member exited from organization and presently not contributing towards provident fund can use online generation tool for getting UAN using any of their previous EPF member ID. The allotted number can be used when the member join again with organization which comes under EPF Act. The member not withdrawn accumulated balance amount and currently not working anywhere can also send a generation request. It does not matter whether the member has withdrawn accumulated balance amount and presently not employed anywhere. The member can use any of their existing EPF member ID to get UAN number through online generation tool even though there is any gap in career.

To generate UAN in online follow this simple process:

Step 1: Go to UAN member portal, click hyperlink titled as 'know your UAN status'

Website to generate UAN online

Step 2: Select State and PF office belongs to your establishment then type establishment code, extension and EPF member ID of yours then press 'Check status'.

Enter your account details

Step 3: If UAN is not yet allotted for particular ID then fill all mandatory fields. Remember that mobile number should have not been associated with any other UAN and it should belong to particular ID of member. Any false identification of mobile number and trying to register other IDs without their knowledge will not be entertained.

Step 4: Press GET PIN to receive authorization PIN number.

Confirmation message for generating UAN

Step 5: Finally, type PIN number in 'Enter the authorization PIN' column then enable confirmation then press 'Submit'. After generation request submission, it will take at least 7 days for generating UAN. The allocated number will be communicated through an SMS to the mobile number mentioned during generation request. In mean time the member can follow-up using Request ID.

To check UAN generation request status read the further instructions given below:

There is a dedicated link is available at member portal to track the status of UAN generation request. The member has to visit UAN member portal first, then under the link ‘check your UAN generation request status’ enter the request ID. After furnishing the request ID in the given column, the member have to press ‘Check status’ button in order to know whether UAN has been generated or not.

Check UAN generation request using reference number later