February 15, 2017

How to Apply Duplicate RC Book for 2 & 4 Wheeler

The owner of car or bike can apply and get duplicate RC book from concerned RTO office if it is stolen/ lost/ destructed/ completely written off soiled/ torn/ mutilated. The owner should have lodged a complaint to the Police Station which is situated under the jurisdiction/ area of lost before approaching the Regional Transport Officer. After completing the formalities in Police station the owner has to submit FORM 26 and Police Certificate to the Registering Authority along with the following required documents for applying duplicate RC book.
  1. FORM 26
  2. Police Certificate
  3. Xerox copy of Driving License
  4. Xerox copy of current Insurance Certificate
  5. Xerox copy of valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
  6. No objection certificate (NOC) from the Bank/ Financier
  7. Xerox copy of Identity Proof with Photo
  8. 2 passport size photographs

The owner must take their vehicle and produce it for inspection to the respective regional transport officer or motor vehicle inspector (Grade -1 or 2) after preparing the above listed documents. The officer may ask you to attach photograph of the vehicle taken along with the owner or without. Pay stipulated fee (Listed below) with processing fee/ services charges Rs.50 at cash counter and get receipt once the inspection of your vehicle is over. There is a separate counter is available for making payment. The payer will get copies of paper receipt. The fee receipt should be pasted to the left hand side over the application form. The fee may vary depends upon the vehicle type.
  1. For Motor Cycle - Rs.30
  2. Imported Motor Cycles - Rs.100
  3. Light Motor Vehicles (LMV) used for personal use or non-transport purpose only – Rs.100
  4. Imported Motor Vehicles - Rs.400
  5. LMV – Vehicles used for commercial transportation (For example auto Rickshaws, Motorcars, Jeeps, Taxis, Delivery Vans) – Rs.150
  6. Medium Goods Vehicle - Rs.200
  7. Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) - Rs.300
  8. Heavy Passenger Motor vehicle (HPMV) - Rs.300

The owner must get a affidavit on stamp paper from any notary public member to assure that in case the old booklet is found it will be surrendered to avoid having multiple booklets for the same vehicle. The owner has to lodge a complaint to his/ her police station with genuine reason. The police station will issue you receipt/ FIR copy/ police certificate after some days or a week stating that RC booklet could not be found despite after the police investigation. These two important documents must be produced to ease the procedure. The complaint letter must be mentioned with Full name of vehicle’s owner, Place of lost or theft, Permanent Address, Temporary address, Registration Number and details of the vehicle.

After organizing the documents some RTO offices may ask you to attach postal envelop along with stamps to bear the cost of postal charges. You have to write postal address, mobile number and vehicle registration number over the envelope. The owner must get signature from respective officer over the papers pinned together, then finally submit the whole neatly pinned documents to counter which collects completed application.

The duplicate RC will be issued after 5 days of time limit or may take more time from the date of application received. The entire application process is going to be same across any state of India. This same procedure is almost being followed in all Indian states especially states such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu (Chennai), Maharashtra (Mumbai, Pune), Gujarat (Ahmadabad), Karnataka (Bangalore), Delhi (Gurgaon) and Telangana (Hyderabad).

Note: If the vehicle is financed or purchased under any bank loan, the owner has to obtain signature from the Financier on FORM 16. The owner must submit back the copy of original RC to the Bank or financier after receiving it from authority.