December 06, 2016

Check your PF Balance in 60 Seconds

The facilities helps you to check your EPF balance with UAN through online or offline SMS. The world-class facilities built with an aim of helping more than 50 million employees. Most of employees can know up to date amount of money that currently available without consent of employer. It is important to make sure what is happening on your account once in a while. The employer probably may skip to remit money and update recently submitted KYC document. Those technology based initiatives definitely empower government and private sector employees. The initiatives also paves the way to keep track of your account without any hassles. The members can opt any of these 5 facilities to check EPF balance - (1) EPFO portal (2) Short code SMS service (3) Mobile App (4) Missed Call Service (5) Passbook

First of all members must keep ready Member ID, Establishment Code and Ext Code in hands. The account details are important requirement to process your enquiry request. The online facility works without necessity of prior registration for creating login credentials. Please note this facility is not free and not working for inactive and closed accounts. The instructions given below helps you to find current EPF balance at EPFO online portal.
  1. Select your State region of your EPFO office.
  2. Type member ID which consists of PF number, establishment code and extension.
  3. Enter full name as it appears on pay slip/ EPF slip including with initial and space.
  4. Read terms of service carefully.
  5. Press Submit to complete verification.
Online EPF Account Balance Enquiry Portal

The balance information of member along with complete account details will be replied back in just few seconds. KYEPFB portal sends reply after successfully processing your request. The SMS senders contact may be as BT-EPFOHO or BV-EPFOHO. It seems like SMS gateway provider has added BT or BV code. If you are not receiving SMS wait for some more minutes. The members have to give an another attempt after sometime. The failure might happen because server is processing lot of requests.

The members have to type SMS in prescribed format as EPFOHO UAN <<LAN>> to check EPF balance from registered mobile number. Send prescribed SMS format with prescribed format to 77382 99899. The activation of UAN is necessary from members to subscribe SMS alert automatically. Therefore first register your mobile number with UAN. The mobile number will receive SMS alert on every first week when update of employee and employer contribution happens. This offline facility sends reply in preferred Indian language to the same inquired mobile number. The reply gives employee credentials, recent remittance and total contribution amount of an active account. In addition members can also know availability status of KYC documents such as AADHAAR, PAN and Bank account number. The remaining portion helps to confirm recent submission of KYC documents.

Short Code SMS service is extremely useful suppose when you do not have internet access while traveling. It is also handy as you need not to fill the inquiry form every time. This service supports up to 10 Indian languages at present. The corresponding North Indian language codes are Hindi - HIN, Punjabi - PUN, Gujarati - GUJ, Bengali - BEN and Marathi - MAR. Furthermore, it supports South Indian languages such as Telugu - TEL, Kannada - KAN, Malayalam - MAL and Tamil - TAM. Please note that this facility is not free. The mobile network operator may charge you for sending SMS.

M-Sewa app unveiled for smartphone users to operate various services at one place. The formalities are simple now because in olden days contributors had to walk to concern branch. They can realize outstanding amount only through EPF slip on year end. Now anyone can get mini statement for up to 7 months at one's convenience. The members can get mini statement under 'Passbook' option. The option is available only in App. The subscribers can also check UAN status using EPF account number. The status disclose your allotted UAN in order to avail various benefits of this facility. The pensioners can furnish PPO number (Pension Payment Order) and Date of Birth (DOB) to observe the disbursement details. The employers too can use it for knowing TRRN (13 Digits Number) status in just few seconds.

EPF members can dial this enquiry number 01122901406 at anytime from anywhere. As a result the members instantly comes to know about EPF balance of current live account after call disconnection. This missed call service works only for members who have already mapped their mobile number under UAN Login portal. So register your mobile number with UAN before dialing. Probably settled accounts will receive an error message via SMS. The mobile number is not yet registered under UAN will also get error reply. The advice is save the following toll free number in phone contact directory for any inquiry in future.

The members can download passbook with monthly wise account statement after logging in to UAN user area. The existing EPFO service portal is not available for members to download passbook anymore. The members can download e-passbook as PDF file format. The document will not occupy much storage space. The file won't consume much time for downloading because of less file size. The users may not able to view statement immediately under 'download passbook' option. UAN will activate after 48 hours from the time of registration. Therefore members can download or view passbook after activation. In case you are unable to use any of the given facilities refer back member ID accurately. You can contact present or past employer to refer once again. Member ID is also important one while trying to know your claim status after relieving from an organization.