July 05, 2016

40+ Eid Greetings Status Messges for Whats App, Facebook and SMS

Ramadhan month is very important for Muslims because during this holy month fasting is obligatory to attain Taqwa (fear of God); also Quran was first revealed to prophet Muhammed in this month. Ramadhan month is a 9th month as per the Islamic calendar. Muslim must fast from day 1 until 29 or 30th day of Ramadhan. The last day is calculated based upon visual sightings of crescent moon. After last day of holy month Ramadhan EID is celebrated among Muslims with special prayer in morning and followed with sharing food and sweets with friends, relatives and poor. The youngest generations are sharing their wishes to their friends and relative through Whats App, Facebook and Twitter is common nowadays. This following messages will help for sending/ setting status.

1. Let this Eid destroys poverty and brings happiness to everyone

2. Let this Eid unite Islamic world against evil deeds

3. Let this Eid showers blessings of Allah to bring more happiness in our life

4. Let this Eid shows true path in our life to bring peace and prosperity in our life

5. May Allah show his kindness on us by uniting Muslims against evil shadows from this EID

6. May Allah spread his light on dark shadows to guide us – EID Mubarak

7. May Allah show mercy on us to abolish our sins from this EID

8. May Allah gives peace and happiness in our family from this EID

9. Eid Mubarak – May Allah bless all Muslim from this wonderful day

10. EID Mubarak – May Allah show right path for whose deviated

11. EID Mubarak – May Allah teach people who confuses right path

12. EID Mubarak – May Allah bless people who sacrificed this month of Ramadhan for Allah

13. EID Mubarak – May Allah help us to achieve great things from ours prayers, fasting and Zakat

14. EID Mubarak – May Allah separate truth from untruth as he does always

15. EID Mubarak – May Allah help us to be more strong in our Iman

16. I wish you very happy and peaceful Eid ul Adhaa

17. May Allah destroy our obstacles from this EID

18. Allah is helping us walk every step in our life. May Allah help us to destroy unknown obstacles in our life journey.

19. May Allah provide protection and keep us to smile always in our life – EID Mubarak

20. May Allah bless us to smell flowers of Heaven through our Prayers – EID Mubarak

21. May Allah unite all Muslims for peace and prosperity

22. On this wonderful Eid Ul-Fitr may Allah light up towards the path that leads to bring happiness, Peace and Success.

23. I wish you all, the blessing of Allah on EID always on us

24. Happy EID Mubarak, May blessing of Allah always with us

25. I wish you a great happiness, success and plentiful on this day of EID.

26. I wish you all happiness and success come on your way from this EID.

27. May Allah keep you smile on your face like beautiful flowers always – EID Mubarak

28. May Allah help us to distinguish bad and good – Eid Mubarak

29. Wish you very happy sweet EID

30. As Allah showers his Protection on us always, Hope you all be blessed with joy in this EID.

31. It’s time to farewell our heartiest month, until we meet the next holy month of Ramadhan we all strict to follow what Allah taught us – EID Mubarak

32. It is not time to farewell Ramadhan, it is time to celebrate what Allah shown the right path for human beings

33. It is day for joy, togetherness with family with lots of blessings – EID Mubarak

34. The blessings of Allah may transform our life to attain heaven in Aahrat life – Eid Mubarak

35. There is lot of words to express my wishes, but one word equals – Eid Mubarak

36. Let this EID be wonderful day to you and family – EID Mubarak

37. Let us join our hands together to celebrate this wonderful day

38. I wish you all a very happy and peaceful day, May Allah accept our good deeds, forgive our mistakes and ease us from difficulties that we face

39. I wish you all to enjoy this EID with family with lots of happiness

40. I wish your family and you for a time for togetherness and celebration – EID Mubarak

41. May the blessings of Allah fill your life with happiness, Good health and Successes – EID Mubarak

42. May this festival light up entire humanity with love, peace and blessing of Allah

43. Feel blessings of Allah by happiness on this wonderful day

44. May you and family be guided by Allah’s protection and blessings

45. EID Mubarak, May Allah give you happiness above you feel

46. Let us celebrate this EID with blessings of Allah