August 06, 2016

50 Proven Tips to Save Power in your Home

Many people are not aware how to save power in home. If they are taught on how much unit is being consumed for continuous usage by home appliances, they will turn up to focus how to save energy more efficiently and start to save their current bills.


There is a proverb where there is money saved is money earned. For instance, 12 hours of watching TV consumes 36 units. The normal bulbs give us light for 60 watts which is equal to just 6 watts LED bulb. The room 100 square feet needs only 1.0 ton AC whereas 150 square feet room requires 1.5 tons AC. Here are 40 tips to keep your energy bills down in your home.

1. Do not open and close your Refrigerator frequently. Keep foods closed in a container.

2. Do not keep hot food items immediately after cooking in to refrigerator

3. Keep your refrigerator at least 6 inches far from wall

4. Do not keep waste foods long time inside refrigerator. Overloading fridge needs more cooling which may need more power consumption.

5. Switch off your refrigerator while you are going for long vacation. Remember do not keep anything while you switch off because thus may cause forming fungus inside while it is not in use.

6. Choose required size of fridge before you buy because the larger cooling capacity fridge consumes more power. The smaller families need not to have double door fridges.

7. Buy highest star rated home appliances such as Air-Conditioner, Fridge and geyser because the government already certified which product is more energy efficient.

8. Do not keep switch your iron box continuously when not in use.

9. Switch on lights, fans, computers, laptops, Television, water heaters, water purifiers and chargers when is not in use.

10. Do not always depend on Mixer grinder. Many groceries are ready-made available which can be easily used without powdering in home.

11. Switch off exhaust fans / chimneys immediately after use.

12. Avoid using induction stoves, rice cookers and any other electrical items for cooking.

13. Do not keep doors and windows open while AC is running.

14. Do not use AC continuously during night times. Switch it off when temperature is become normal. Mostly after mid night during hot season outside temperature goes down.

15. Avoid using AC during normal seasons like winter, rainy and autumn.

16. Try to replace your old TVs with LED type because LED TVs have power consumption options

17. Unplug main power supply of TV instead leaving it on standby mode

18. If your house is installed with Wi-Fi, routers and switches shut down those things if it is not in use.

19. Do not keep switch on water geysers or any home appliances continuously.

20. Use vacuum cleaners only for necessary cleaning areas like on carpets. The manual cleaning method is better for normal floors and walls.

21. Try to reduce water consumption because the reduction will directly impact on your water pumping motor usages which will greatly affects electricity bills

22. Switch off water pumping motors immediately when water tank reaches level. It is better to install water level indicators for switching off instantly. The excess level of water flowing will cause your motor to run for more time.

23. Compare power consumption of device with other brands of products before you buy.

24. Install power regulators for fans to reduce power consumption.

25. Service AC filers frequently for better cooling effect so as to reduce power consumption

26. Since Air-Conditioners are hugely affecting your electricity bill buy always highest star rated units.

27. Try to replace old type AC models with new one. The older models might be severing your current bills.

28. Do not install 1.5 ton AC for rooms which are enough to be installed with 1.0 ton AC.

29. Watch your children because they simply leave rooms after playing games and watching TV cartoon shows without switching off. It is better to teach them to switch off while leaving.

30. Try to use microwave-ovens only when necessarily required for heating.

31. Prepare large volume of foods which are good to eat later. Thus will help you to avoid repeatedly using mixture grinders.

32. Keep curtains on windows for fast cooling while AC is switch on

33. During day time let the sun light comes in to house naturally to avoid to use lights and bulbs.

34. Replace regular high voltage bulbs and tube lights with CFL or LEDs which are big energy saver.

35. Do not always use dryer to drying your cloths in washing machine. Let it dry on natural air and sun light.

36. Install solar power panels on roofs or terrace for water heaters, night lamps which is great source to reduce your power bills

37. Wear cotton cloths during summer thus may keep you cool and help you to less usage of AC during day time

38. Use powerful water showers as it reduces water usages

39. During winter heat your kitchen and hall area with cooking. Keep your doors and windows closed thus will cut down usages of room heaters / thermostats

40. Do not keep cloths for long time after washing because without ironing because the wrinkles on cotton clothes will takes more time for ironing.

41. Before toasting your breads just let it warm naturally after taken from fridge because immediately heating breads need more time for toasting as it is cold.

42. Dry your hair in normal fan air flow. The people have less hair need not to use hair dryers like women have long hairs.

43. Dishwashers should be filled with correct load as fewer dishes can be cleaned manually and dried using clean cloths.

44. Do not use washing machine for less cloths. Let the cloths reach some counts for washing. Remember overloading washing machine causes damage to motors. It is recommended that different variety of cloths should be washed separately.

45. Do not use hot water for washing as it takes more power for water heating.

46. Adjust your water heater to correct temperature which can save lot of power. Overheating may not be required.

47. Fix leakage in waterlines, water heaters, water purifiers as it saves water can save power too.

48. Turn off water while shaving as it also reduces water usage

49. Using table lamps while studying and working on laptop during night times may help you to save power

50. Keep watching your power consumption units on installed meter as it should not reach stipulated level for higher rate slabs. Adjust with your needs according to it.