September 21, 2016

Here Things You Must Know Before to Buy Jio SIM for FREE

Jio is giving free SIM for 4G mobile users across India. The users can buy the card without paying money just by showing AADHAAR as a proof at selected outlets. While you are collecting it from outlets you may not aware of some important things. After using it for couple of days only people comes to know the actual benefits in terms of usage, tariff and coverage. Here are some important things you must know before you buy:


Jio is claiming welcome offer that comes with unlimited internet for up to 31st March 2017. As an user you think that unlimited internet can be used at same speed. Actually internet will be down after consuming 1 GB. Jio sends you SMS alert as 'Dear Customer, You have crossed daily data usage threshold of 1 GB on your Jio Number <<mobile number>> as of <<date and time>>. Internet speed has been reduced to 128 kbps. Your high speed internet will be restored in next 24 hours. To manage your account with MyJio app, click Thank you, Team Jio.'.

The next important thing is unlimited calls are not going through offline suppose if your mobile does not have VoLTE. The outgoing phone calls are going through Jio4GVoice App which requires internet connection for making calls and sending SMS. Even Jio number is not even receiving incoming calls while trying to receive from Airtel / DoCoMo / Aircel / Vodafone while SIM is in offline mode or without data connection.

The user who have VoLTE (Voice over LTE) can able to make calls. The customer must be aware that LTE and VoLTE is not same as those two terms are seeming as same technology. If your mobile is equipped with 4G, please check back with your mobile manual that whether your phone has VoLTE or not. It does not matter whether LTE/ VoLTE mobile, but the users are still able to use 1GB internet per day at higher speed through Jio SIM using 4G LTE phones and avail other the benefits.

Not all 4G devices are able to generate coupon code. The selected mobiles only able to get coupon code through MyJio APK App. The selected phones are called as partnered phones. Many people are complaining that they are not receiving OTP even though mobile is listed as eligible one in official website. This thing might have happened due to some errors or coverage problem occurred through current service providers. You can try to get OTP from different location. The iPhone users are also still facing troubles in generating coupon code after downloading MyJio App from App Store.

The outlets of Reliance are accepting only AADHAAR card even though official website is claiming certain list of eligible documents. The user cannot get for another person because the system requires finger print of AADHAAR card. AADHAAR is necessary to get SIM and to do activation as well. The distributors are able to provide your Jio contact mobile number only after passing those verification checks. The contact mobile number of particular Jio SIM is not directly mentioned on cover or package.

It is advised to think before standing in queue whether you will get it or not with those documents available in your hand or ask the fellow who is in-charge in your nearest Reliance stores to clear the doubts. The distribution of SIM cards at outlets are pathetic as no one can get it at first visit. The distributors are always saying that either server is not working / server is too slow for activation / stock is not available. Jio is really might be facing issue but as a customer point of view it is big disappointment. This is also discouraging interest to buy SIM for free and many people are not interested to stand in queue for long time.

Some stores really understood users problem as they provide tokens to collect it on another day if stock ends in middle of distribution. "Though Reliance is giving fantastic offer to 4G mobile users that no one has provided yet in this country still some points can be clearly told before that is our expectation" - Jio user told to us in an interview.