November 15, 2016

Know your Jio Mobile Number

Many subscribers are not able to know their Jio mobile number as it is not directly mentioned anywhere on SIM card package. Since subscribers are informed about their mobile number only after finger print verification is done through AADHAAR, the SIM card pack does not mentioned with MDN number by default. The package is just mentioned with ICCCID, IMSI and PKD (Packed) Date. MDN is stand for Mobile Directory Number which is nothing but actual contact phone number that someone would dial to reach you over phone or internet calling.

MDN is 10 digit length number which can be moved from one network carrier to another network carrier just by requesting UPC (Unique Porting Code) from TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). UPC should be submitted to destination carrier network within certain period to make shift. This service is called as MPN (Mobile Number Portability). It is vital to know your mobile number, complete activation and avail unlimited welcome offer. To know your Jio number from your mobile just follow these steps:

1. Insert Jio SIM card in slot 1
2. Download Jio4GVoice App from Google Play Store
3. Make sure APN, Network Operator settings are correctly set
4. Open Jio4GVoice App then top right corner tap on Settings Menu

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

The customers now would able to see their 10 digit mobile number of Jio SIM. In case subscribers are login first time they might be seeing SIM registration message with loading while opening App. It may take just few seconds to register SIM on your mobile device. If app is not opening go to Settings > Tap on 'Mobile Data' > under 'Network Operators' choose Jio4G network either manually or through automatic mode.

The subscribers can use this way to know their mobile number even before SIM activation. This is quite helpful suppose customers have not been informed about their number while collecting SIM after verifying their identity through finger print which is associated with AADHAAR card. Many people are not aware of this simple way and they are very tensed as they unable to find their mobile number. In order to do activation of data services from other network entering your mobile number is mandatory. Knowing your mobile number is also important to proceed voice / data activation through Jio network carrier suppose your activation is still pending.