February 11, 2017

Track your EPF Claim Status using Member ID

The provision to track your EPF claim status using member ID is now available online. This facility has been instituted for claimants who wants to track application without login. The claimants can find current status of claim form submitted to EPFO branch (For example: Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai or Bangalore). The claim form means forms that have been received from member through employer to withdraw EPF/ EPS amount partially.

The closing/ settling of an EPF account is also considered as claim. The members who have not applied for withdrawing EPS can see approval details of scheme certificate. The displayed status will let you find whether settlement has been processed through applicable payment method or not. The members need not to provide claim id whereas account number is mandatory before making such a request.

How to Track your Claims?

Step 1: Go to www.epfindia.com under employees category tap on Know your EPF claim status.
Step 2: Choose your State where company is presently located
Step 3: Select your EPFO office name under which the company is registered
Step 4: Type account number, establishment code and ext code consecutively from the third box
Step 5: Finally submit your request to process


Why your Claim Status Shows Error?

The claimant can find the details such as claim ID and status after providing account number. If you get status as payment under process means amount has been sent to your bank account already or you need to wait for some more time to receive payment.

If suppose latest data is not entered or uploaded on server by your branch, the member cannot see update. In such case, the member can approach EPFO office directly where their claim form was submitted. Any delay can be brought to notice of field officer who is in-charge. Most of the members get status through SMS once their claim forms are processed.

How long it will take to settle your Claim?

Please note that EPF and EPS claim will be separately credited to your Bank account. The SMS sent by EPFO will give you detail about only one accumulated amount which may be either your EPF or EPS claims. Most of the members are experiencing gaps (may be couple of days) in receiving EPS claim. Sometimes EPS claim may be credited first to your bank account.

What is Scheme Certificate? Why it is Recommended instead Claim?

The members are advised not to claim EPS while withdrawing EPF rather than they can collect scheme certificate for continuing scheme and to count number of years in service as well. Many people are not aware as EPS can be carry-forwarded throughout career even though working under different employer. If an employee is unemployed for couple of months they can resume EPS by submitting scheme certificate with new employer.

Many employees are tends to claim EPS along with EPF. The money accumulated under EPS scheme will be paid back to member with certain amount on every month till death after retiring from employment. The pay which you will be getting is termed as pension. The claimant must aware that premature EPS claims won’t be added with interest. Please remember that one cannot claim EPS once they reach 10 years of contribution.

Why should you Track your Claim?

Suppose if you are a claimant your duty is not accomplished till the entire saved amount credit back to your bank account. Because many employees just sign it on claim form given by the employer while leaving establishment. Large scale of employees who are youngsters are totally unaware of rules while claiming and filling up claimers form.

They just assign their simple task to either some third party financial consultant who just take signature of claimers signature and fill it up on their own. The problem comes arises when a person is not fluent in English or difficulty in reading terms mentioned on form. That is why most of your branch office provides claim forms with instruction in local language to avoid complications later.

Whom should you contact for Claim related issues?

The retirement body sets an office which can help you always. If something happens unknowingly due to lack of knowledge of claimers nobody cares about it. The claimer is fully responsible for maintaining their money and planning towards retirement life because you are going to part of suffer or enjoyment of retirement life. Some employer are really cruel as they simply show deduction on payslip then later while moving out from particular concern or in the event of shutting down establishment the both parties are not bother about deductions.

The new concern also may not bothered about your previous accumulated money. You as an employee joins with new establishment without providing previous provident fund deduction details for some time then later join for provident fund schemes. This kind of problems are not happening among public sector or government establishments as the particular concern take necessary inputs from employee while quitting and exiting as well.

Very few employees think that provident fund is not a huge deduction when they moving out from an establishment when they are employed for short span. Some employees simply skip due to urgency of processing their visa for departing and settling personal things while moving to abroad countries for higher emoluments.

After long years passes away while they coming back for settling back to native country, the party may try to recall what happens to that savings. They write mail or try to approach their previous establishments asking the formalities to proceed. It will be sad an contributor even do not able to recall their member ID when particular concern or office try to trace history of savings for proceeding. In conclusion, please do not worry about your claims because it is always safe in the hands of EPFO.