February 13, 2017

How to Check UAN Status Instantly Online

The company is responsible to provide UAN to employees after collecting from authority. The authority allocates after the employee joining to invest for retirement scheme. This number directs previous accounts under unique identification which is said to be an universal account number. This number is fixed which does not change while relocating job location under same concern. It does not even change after resigning from the current position. The authority has taken prominent step to inform their allocated number through online.

Step 1: In member portal under employees section click on check UAN status. Then select state region, office code in which the company comes under.

Hyperlink to check UAN status

Step 2: Type company code, extension and member ID. The annual slip should mention these account details for your reference. Now, the message shows whether universal account number is allotted for particular member ID. Proceed step 3 further if it is allotted. Suppose, if the person sees negative message as not allotted then furnish account details immediately to to allot new one.

How to fill your account details

Step 3: Next, fill the mandatory fields such as full name, date of birth, mobile number and password and security number. Type security number as exactly as shown in captcha image. Since it is case-sensitive make sure that caps lock key is always off.

UAN allotment confirmation message

Step 4: Receive PIN to mobile to complete verification. Type PIN exactly as sent via text message then tap on Submit button.

Online message to Confirm UAN Status

Finally, you will able to notice UAN status instantly on the same page itself. SMS will also be sent to your mobile after submission to confirm. The confirmation message gives universal account number which is nothing but your user name to login. This number is usually identifiable as 12 digit and the password will be as same as you typed in form.

The failure might be occurred due to date of birth mismatch even though correct member ID is entered. The date of birth should be same as it was mentioned in the enrollment form. The failure message come due to various reasons. The person is not employed anywhere at present who holds valid account can submit for allocation. The reason may be anything however holding universal account number is mandatory here after.