January 17, 2017

Invalid Input / Member Name Mismatch Against This - Solution

The error message "Invalid Input / Member Name Mismatch Against This" informs that your PF member ID of your account is not correct as per the EPFO records. To resolve this error members must understand format of account details. The members account details are formatted with stream of codes. The codes contains both numerical digits and alphabetical letters. This complete format of your EPF account is called as your member ID. The member ID comprises with PF office Code, State Region Code, company Code, Extension Number and EPF Account Number. Typically your complete member ID should look a like TB-TAM-00012345-000-067.

The members payslip does not have member ID. The payslips are mostly just mention EPF account number. That is why members are getting errors while filling online form at KYEPFB Portal to check EPF balance. To get rid of this error EPFO gives you an company code search facility when your employer did not provide. The facility has complete records of old company codes and remittance details. Surprisingly the search facility gives you both old and new codes as well.

There is another possibility of getting error message. The error should come due to old PF office code is not matching with new PF office codes. Probably your old PF office code from old annual PF slip is slightly differ from current records. In that case you can just try to select appropriate office name correctly instead searching for your code from given list. The corresponding new PF office codes will be automatically filled. For instance if your PF office code is BMS as per old PF slip then choose your PF office name from list. Like wise you can resolve to avoid Invalid input error.

Typing your name is also important. Why because your name should be as exactly as mentioned in EPF slip not as salary slip. Do not include surname, initials as it was in old annual PF slip. Even typing as per PAN, AADHAAR and Voter ID records are not valid. Do not leave more than single space between first name and seconds name in name column. After typing name correctly you won' t get Member Name Mismatch Against This error message.

If you are still getting error message please confirm your extension code. Leave extension code as blank if your company which does not have one. Do not type anything in that field.