February 09, 2017

How to Download EPF UAN Passbook Online

EPF members here after can download UAN passbook only through unified portal. The existing online facility is no more here after.  At present entire member portal has been shifted to unified portal. In this post you are going to learn how to download without using member portal. You are also entitled will also to view your statement with month-wise transactions once you learn. Unified portal is accessible at any time just by spending few minutes in online. There many facilities which are already available in online for various purposes. You should also understand the compulsion of member number to operate facilities. Everyone has the rights to receive member number after allocation.

The employees who do not aware of their member number can now find from unified portal. Suppose if it is not issued you need to request at the same portal itself.  The major benefit is that you can download passbook for multiple times on the same day. Not only this you will also eligible to carry out other important tasks. The transfer is come in your hands while moving one company to another company without looking for employer intervention.

The procedure to download EPF UAN Passbook:

(1) The members can visit new newly introduced unified portal from www.epfindia.com. The member number is obligatory in order to register at unified portal for login. The only prerequisite is it should not be already operative.

(2) The members who are not able to login just go through registration process. The further process leads you to another page which asks you to provide either PAN or AADHAAR. Not all these information are mandatory. At least you must hold any one number to register. Once you type mandatory number then security PIN is sent. The PIN is nothing but one time password (OTP) to verify your identity. The system records your mobile number while registering in case any discrepancy occurred in future.

(3) The number not only registered for security purpose and let you to use many more facilities. The users should type correct date of birth as per record. In case date of birth mismatch with full name, the portal will not process registration further.

(4) Type your user id, password and dynamic security code to login. Once you login in to unified portal you could see option to view your passbook.

EPF Statement

UAN Passbook with EPF Statement

There was a time people could not look in to their accounts. The years back when EPFO came up with new initiative it was overwhelmingly welcomed by everyone. After years passing the authority has come up with another idea to view statement through online. People got surprised as if it looked a like bank book. Even in some countries touch screen kiosks were introduced in public places. In future such a wonderful things may happen. The statement gives you chance to go through previous year remittance, credits, accumulations and deductions. The following transaction details can be note down from statement.

(1) Interest Earned: This will show added interest money for applicable interest rate for the financial year.

(2) Total Outstanding Amount: It gives you up to date total amount of your current account. The amount slightly different if you applied for advance. The same advance amount may also reflect on tabular column.

(3) Contribution: This confirms how much money is available till date in both employer contribution and employee contribution.

(4) Date of Birth: It is important to aware of your date of birth as per record. This helps to avoid any mismatches between current and other accounts.

(5) Customer Documents: This one reveal documents availability details such as AADHAAR, PAN card.

(6) Bank Account: The availability of your bank details in record is important. The money transfer usually take place through NEFT. The partial withdrawals and full settlements are not possible unless it is available in record.

(7) Member Number: This is unique numerical number helps to identify members account. The new employer may ask you to submit to tag your accounts.

(8) Company Details: The detail of your company contains name, code and extension. These codes are generated to identify organization. The members can search using location of your concern. Here location means your State and City.

(9) Universal Account Number: This was initiated to make every procedure smoother on behalf of employee. The code generated only one time per employee. Through this system all your member numbers are turned towards to come under single window. Here after members must submit for transfer, withdraw as it is announced mandatory. This will also ease to port your accounts through employer or yourself.

(10) Date of Joining: This refers to when do you started to contribute. This not referring when did you joined with organization.

You can view details of your passbook whenever you want. The only thing you need decent data connection. However, please keep it mind that sometimes latest information may not be updated. It occurs usually data is not yet uploaded in to digital platform. The members may not able to find their statement before entire system computerized. In case you want to verify the accounts approach your home office. That is why you must save your passbook here after for reference. It is not mandatory as there is very less chance of mistake can happen. Even nowadays provident fund authority is quick enough to respond your enquiries.

The single window system earns employee praises since from launch. The governing body also recognized merits and demerits from previous system. It continued to serve through such an online facility to reduce hassles. The administration took credit and admired by contributors across India. The download facility reputation already recognized one of best technology initiative ever. In conclusion, the passbook comes with distinctive feature in unified portal. Unlike other facilities it comes with lot of unique feature that definitely facilitates your requirements.