February 16, 2017

EPFO KYEPFB Portal Login for EPF Members

EPFO India launched KYEPFB portal for EPF members to login. This service was launched on 01, July 2011 across India. The website is now live online for helping members to find current account particulars. The portal is really gift for more than 5 crore members. The wonderful tool created for public usage first time in history. The members have got freedom to access their account as they need not to depend on their employers.

KYEPFB is the short form of title which helps us not only to easily remember also distinguishable from other websites. The member needs not to be a tech-savvy since KYEPFB portal is easily navigable through simple selections. The amazing user interface of KYEPFB portal loads faster in less than 5 seconds. It is obvious that members need not to worry about poor data connection. The layout of KYEPFB portal is very simple without any clutters and gimmicks. The members can notice that portal has incorporation of limited usage of images, graphics and absence of heavy media objects. The users are really thankful to creators to bring such a wonderful service to our nation.

EPFO KYEPFB Portal Login Screen

PHP server side programming is used for developing when we look deeper about coding part. The portal is responsive and runs across on all major browsers such as Safari, Chrome and Fire-Fox. In fact we have tested website on Internet Explorer 8 to find out compatibility issues. The previous versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer also does not have problem in accessing KYEPFB portal while testing. As a result, there is no doubt that it works fine on older browsers. Finally, KYEPFB portal is highly secure because no one can do right click, copy text and other suspicious activities.

7 simple steps on how to operate EPFO KYEPFB portal to login your request:

1. Select location of your office from state region list. Please note: The state region and office code is filled automatically on the next page. Just you have to choose state and particular office name from given list.

2. Type your complete ID which consists of account number, company code and extension.

3. Fill up your company code and its extension if any along with account number. The members can observe company code and extension easily from annual slip. Leave the extension box as blank if you don't have).

4. Type your full name as it appears on annual slip. Do not skip initial and spaces while typing. Provide your mobile number that you wish to register on behalf. The mobile number entered should belong to particular account holder.

5. Finally, read terms and conditions to agree then submit request. Read the terms and conditions carefully for against misusing this service. The enquirer has to furnish the account particulars correctly in the respective columns to avoid failure.

KYEPFB website sends reply instantly to your mobile which you typed on form. The member can receive reply from KYEPFB portal only after successfully verifying account number. The recent approvals such as settlement, advances, transfer-in and transfer-out also sent in case applied. Please go through date of availability data because information is not up to date sometimes. The availability data gives the last update date.