February 17, 2017

2 Types of EPFOHO SMS Format - A Complete Guide

EPFOHO SMS introduced as a great alternative for online facility which facilitates operation without login. There are 2 types of formats are available at present. Though both formats are available in different syntax but each works together. This facility makes easier to create paperless environment. No need to submit any offline physical forms. Therefore members need not to walk-in to human resource (HR) department or finance office (FO). This facility is very user-friendly. The members can use it without using data connection.


It informs server what kind of facility is required. All you need to do is just type SMS in required format along with specific word. The length of word is about 3 letters long. It is purely in the form of alphabetical characters. It is further classified in to 2 types which can be specified depends upon requirement.

The members can use either UAN or ACT after EPFOHO keyword. Here UAN and ACT keyword is used to differentiate your request. The keyword can be directly used without mentioning account number. Why because server matches with available mobile number in records to find your current account. The members can associate account number using ACT before using.

How to type EPFOHO SMS format

The members can type SMS as EPFOHO UAN ENG on associate mobile number. The typed format should be sent to this number 77382 99899. For instance type EPFOHO then leave single blank space followed by word. After specifying word then type first three letters of your preferred language.

EPFOHO SMS Keywords Reference Chart

For example type HIN instead of ENG to receive SMS in Hindi language. Type ENG as a default language word in case preferred language request is not working. Make sure spellings, keyword and blank spaces are in correct format before sending it. The account number should be associated first without any mistakes to catch the reply message without failure. Do not omit preferred language word while typing SMS. The following 10 Indian languages are available at present.
  1. EPFOHO UAN ENG - for English
  2. EPFOHO UAN HIN - for Hindi
  3. EPFOHO UAN TEL - for Telugu
  4. EPFOHO UAN PUN - for Punjabi
  5. EPFOHO UAN GUJ - for Gujarati
  6. EPFOHO UAN MAR - for Marathi
  7. EPFOHO UAN KAN - for Kannada
  8. EPFOHO UAN MAL - for Malayalam
  9. EPFOHO UAN TAM - for Tamil
  10. EPFOHO UAN BEN - for Bengali
The members will receive reply via SMS instantly from BT-EPFOHO or BV-EPFOHO in preferred Indian language. These codes BT/ BV/ VM/ DZ/ AM/ MM are might be added by SMS gateway provider. This happens after your request is successfully reached the above mentioned number. In addition it gives you total contribution and last month contribution. You can also confirm availability of identity documents such as AADHAAR, PAN and bank account number. Probably you will receive reply mentioning with INVALID INPUT. Use CORRECT WORD i.e., ACT or UAN, if there is any mistakes while typing SMS.

The members should not type UAN after EPFOHO keyword. The system will automatically recognize identity based upon associated mobile number. The subscriber may experience failure in receiving contribution amount details. It usually happens because some of your employers might not provided digitally approved AADHAAR/ Bank Account Number/ PAN details.

How to Type EPFOHO SMS format to Associate

Type as EPFOHO WORD,12 DIGIT UAN,22 DIGIT PF MEMBER ID then send it to 7738299899. The sender's account will be automatically associated along with mobile number. The members should send SMS only from mobile number which they would like to associate. The sample SMS format to associate account number is EPFOHO ACT,969696969696,DLCPM00999990000006666.

Here, EPFOHO is common keyword to define SMS format. ACT is a keyword is used to associate. 969696969696 is a sample 12 digits UAN. DLCPM00999990000006666 is sample 22 digit member ID. The inquirers should leave blank space before typing ACT. Add comma between UAN and member ID without leaving any blank spaces before and after.

The members shall receive some error messages while trying. Therefore error messages will let you to understand rejected reason. For instance, any type mistake in SMS format will be responded with with correct format. The member will also receive message along with rejection reason.

Please note associated mobile number only can use this facility. The members cannot avail immediately after sending registration request. This facility can be availed only after 48 hours from sending request via SMS. The network carrier probably deduct some amount from your account. The deduction may be depends upon your current SMS plan.

In conclusion, the members are feeling happy as they can conveniently use SMS facility from home, office and even while traveling. Furthermore, members can avail this offline facility from any Indian State at anytime.