February 17, 2017

Forgot UAN Number, Password - No Problem Here is Solution

Many account holders forget UAN number and password because not login in to online account for long time. The worries are no more as the user credentials can easily be retrieved in just few seconds through proper ways discussed here. Remembering login credential is necessary to operate the online account. The present and not present contributors should be remembering the universal account number for life time because the retirement body has strictly announced that it is mandatory to perform any transactions.

The labor ministry has started to adapt unique number system few years back with a vision to administer the millions of  accounts more straightforwardly and reducing the employer roles. The newly introduced offline withdrawal and transfer forms require universal account number from applicant for approving request. The separate blank column is also incorporated in application form to write down universal account number.

How to reset your lost password?

To reset your password you must be remembering the mobile number which was designated for particular universal account number. The error message can be seen on the screen states that ‘sign in error – invalid credentials’ to confirm wrong entry of data. If you notice the error message then just click on ‘Forgot Login’ button immediately available nearer to ‘Sign in’ button. The reset password is not working for some subscribers due to discontinued network service of previous mobile number. In such case you can try to catch the suggestion from online portal.

The newly pop up tiny window asks you to submit account details in the designated field. The recovered password will be sent through SMS. Since the recovered password is given randomly for high security purpose, it will be in the combination of special character and numerical number. After login you must change the password immediately as it is not easy to remember.

To change the default retrieved password as you prefer one, you can click on ‘Profile’ tab from menu then type retrieved password, new password and then press ‘change password’ button. Remember that newly typed password should be combination of alphanumeric added with at least 1 special character (For example: pwrd@123). The length of password must be 8 to 25 characters.


How to update mobile number?

Editing your mobile number is not difficult task, if you are able to enter into your dashboard area comfortably. There is an option available to edit stored mobile number under the profile tab. You must type the new mobile number, CAPTCHA code (case-sensitive) then press pin. The 4 digit pin number will be sent to your new primary mobile number which you want to associate. After entering authorization PIN, your mobile number will be updated for future account communication.


How to recover UAN number and mobile number?

In some scenario, the user completely not able to remember login name. In such case, they can request current employer to find the forgotten UAN number. The employer can easily go through the available list from the available records or provide you just by referring from employer portal. If it is not possible, the person can also forward the requisition letter through current employer to office. They can also directly seek from field office by visiting physically in case unemployed.

In conclusion, if you are not aware of your account number it is dead end and you cannot use online support tool. It is better to take note of login name, password and mobile number always after completing the recording yourself in online.