February 18, 2017

How to Get to Know your UAN Number Through Online

Now you can get to know your UAN number from unified portal in matter of few minutes. This online facility is available for members from January 2017 as a gift to more than 50 million members. Here after members need not to exhaust their energy in meeting employer. Unified portal introduced with the purpose to creates paperless environment without reducing effective management. The members need not to have any prior knowledge before accessing. The navigation of unified portal is really simple. Let us begin with some introduction.

What is the UAN Number: The unique number is specially designed to cater for such diversified needs of organizations and employees. Through the universal access number services, the employees can subscribe and have access over different services themselves from anywhere. All those services can be accessed via single unique Universal Account Number. Follow these 5 steps to get your UAN instantly through online:

Step 1: Go to unified portal then look for an employees section. After locating just navigate further enter your account details. This new portal is named as version 2.0.

Step 2: Now, type either your Account Number or AADHAAR or PAN number in provided columns. Type exactly as it is printed on your card. Make sure that caps lock is off while typing because the code shown is case sensitive.

The state region and office codes will fill given columns itself after making appropriate selection from given list. The last box given for member ID which is purely a numerical number. This can always be collected from your present or past employer. The account number is consisting your total account details in an order. The order will be in the stream of state region, office, establishment, extension (ext.) codes. Along with that order your member ID is given at last. It can be easily identifiable from right to left which is maximum 7 digits.

Step 3. Enter your name, date of birth, mobile number and email id then receive verification pin. The mobile number is mandatory in order to login later. The mobile number has to be verified and validated through one time password for security purpose. The system by default does not allow you to associate more than one. Authorize your mobile number through one time password. The authorized number will be saved in record. Type mobile number which you would like to receive matters related to your account. Please note that your name, AADHAAR card and PAN number should be same as your employer provided through employer unified portal.

Step 4. After typing one time password you can know your UAN number on screen itself. The member will receive an SMS to mobile upon confirmation with mentioned. Note down displaying number which should be 12 digit number.

Step 5. Now type your user number and password in login column. The member can also observe whether allotted number is correct or not at same page based upon successful login.

10 Benefits of Knowing Your UAN Number

1. The employees can submit claim form themselves without employer intervention. No need to get signature or attestation from employer while relieving from the job.

2. The transfer is easy because whenever you change job just submit universal account number to employer to transfer old account. The transfer is even more handy now while moving from one state to another state.

3. List your previous account records at one place. Since you can refer previous history you can verify whether any account is missed or not under your name.

4. The employer cannot withhold saving by blocking either your withdrawal nor transfer. You will have freedom of transferring, withdrawing account funds directly from branch office.

5. Apply for loan, withdraw electronically in future when universal account number is seeded with AADHAAR. Tax exemptions for members who provided their PAN. There will be penalty for members who have not yet provided PAN while withdrawing amount.

6. Subscribe SMS every month upon confirming employer deposits. This will help you to verify latest transactions such as debits and credits (contributions) as well.

7. The employee can have only one universal account number so complexity of maintaining accounts are eliminated.

8. The card might be given like plastic cards in future in order to have as an identity card. The soft-copy is already available in unified portal for download.

9. Referring date of birth, nomination details, bank account number and KYC now in your hands. This let you to have idea about missing records and help you to take necessary procedure for uploading.

10. The members can check account, download month wise statement, date of joining, date of exit, sanctioned loan amount and much more things. The facilities does not impose any restrictions. The employees can use as many times in a day or month as they want.

The members who have already got number cannot obtain another number. The member details provided that is name, date of birth, father's name, husband’s name should be same for all the employments because the details would be fetched from database. Please mention details as you provided to employer. Earlier, universal account number was given to members who are contribute during the period 01/01/2014 to 30/06/2014. Now the following members can also obtain under some conditions:

1. Members who at least got one contribution after Jan-2014
2. The members who are not having universal account number and not contributed after Jan-2014 still can request to allot one.
3. Any Indian citizen can request for one