February 22, 2017

How to get PF Account Number by Online

The members can get PF account number from company when they join to contribute. It is important not only to avail various online facilities also required to write down on application forms. Every employee should provide account details while they are joining with new company. The company is probably asking from you to tag previous accounts. At the same time new company should provide account details to employee after creating an account.

The employer may not communicate to employee directly but they mention on salary slip once deduction is occurring from salary. In case you have missed to collect from old employer, you can directly refer from annual slips. The employees should voluntarily collect annual slips from company here after on every year end. In another way the members can get just by calling toll free number 01122901406 from mobile.

The members can search for account number at present from unified portal. The only thing members should have already associated with it. The unified portal suppose to give list of accounts with numbers. The list displays accounts still now created under your name. The old accounts which were not tagged even though available in records will not be available.

The members must login in to unified portal using user name and password. There is option to login using AADHAAR, PAN number for members who are going to associate for the first time. After login tap on view then press service history to see list of accounts. The company name, date of joining are also available under tabular view. Now press detailed view on top right corner to get the number.

PF Account Number

Here, in 1st box - State region code. 2nd box office code. 3rd box - organisation code (Maximum 7 Digits). 4th box - extension (Maximum 3 Characters / Can be left blank in case no extension). c. 5th box – your account number (Maximum 7 Digits). Member Name as appears in annual slips. For example if you have member number MH/BAN/947869/7861 then 7861 is your account number.

In conclusion this facility not helps to get your account numbers using either PAN or AADHAAR. Suppose if you want to search company name you have to download the statement. After downloading members can notice company details. The members should insist their company to provide account number immediately after started to deduction from salary. There are many start up companies may show deduction in salary slip. Sadly, some companies do not deposit deducted contribution to account. To verify through online you should have collected it from company.