February 01, 2017

How to Link your PF Account Number to UAN

The facility to link your PF account number to UAN is now available online. Here after, the members need not to depend on their employer while changing job from one company to another company. You can also link using your member ID of your new account. This facility is useful suppose you have not yet mapped. In case you do not have old account numbers collect from previous employers. This facility is completely giving freedom to members as they can do it themselves.

The provident fund body planned to rebuild the existing system to create one employee one EPF account. This means that one account will consolidate all your accounts under single and unique number. This unique number is called as universal account number. Ultimately, it reduces load of transfer system and eases the existing function easier than before. The idea is to make transfer more robust and secure.

Follow this steps-by-step procedure to link multiple PF Account Number to UAN online:

(1) Type your registered mobile number, existing universal account number and new PF account number

(2) Generate one time password to verify your mobile number
(3) Type one time password in text box then press verify
(4) Now type your old PF account number

(5) Press Submit after reading and enabling declaration mark

You can find update after approval of your EPFO office. The two columns in table shows action by member and action by field office.  These columns you can notice after you login. You can also see update in second column with remarks and date of approval. The update will appear soon after merging is successfully completed. The time to link your account usually happens during working days. It may get delay due to national holidays. Here some important points why should you link:

1. As per rule you can have many account numbers but everything should be linked under the unique universal account number.
2. If the member id is not merged then withdrawal may be difficult in future
3. There is possibility of creating many numbers under same name
4. The member may face issues while tracking previous accounts, sometimes may go missed

For example an IT professional is jumping from one company to another company in every 2 years gap for good salary offer. He is also getting provident fund deduction with each employer. At one time he wants to join with another company due to immediate joining offer with good salary package. As he did not provide old account details then the new employer creates an account without merging with old account. Due to his busy schedule he could not to link old account numbers. Meanwhile the employer also does not care about it.

After sometime he got time to go through previous account details through member portal. He found that some of his accounts gone missing. At that time he came to learn about this facility purpose. Later he could merge all his old account numbers himself without employers' intervention.

Who cannot link PF Account Number to UAN?

1. You can avail this facility only after 3 days
2. The members cannot link using closed account number
3. Any mismatches in member name and date of birth
4. As one time password can be sent only to mobile number within India member cannot link from other countries.
5. Members who do not have Universal Account Number.

EPFO restricts to issue more than one universal account number to same member. It is also against rules and regulations. In conclusion, recommend that link your old account numbers properly while moving from one company to another company. Following rule is always results in smoother transactions for peaceful returns.