February 14, 2017

How to Link AADHAAR Card Number to Indian Bank Account Online

Indian Bank customers now can link AADHAAR number through online. If you wish to add your card to your account offline then you have to separately submit through seeding form. This form should be available in your home branch or you can download from respective banks' website. The bank may ask you to attach soft-copy of your card for document verification purpose. The offline way facilitates customers who do not have net-banking.

how to link AADHAAR number from indian bank website

The net-banking customers are advised to avail the following online process because it saves a lot of time.

1. Go to Internet Banking website
2. Tap on Personal Banking then Press I Agree
3. Type your Login user ID then press Login
4. Enter your Login Password using either Keyboard or Virtual Keys
5. Tap on options available on left menu then press AADHAAR addition
6. Choose your bank account number from drop down list
7. Type your AADHAAR number (12 digit) in given column to link
8. The popup window opens for confirmation

The customers now will able to see acknowledgement for registering in screen itself. The details will be sent to UIDAI for verification. The customer will get seeding status based upon UIDAI return report. Please note that while typing the URL address it should start with https and not http. The site starts with https assures that you are browsing through secured site. The security lock symbol is also displayed on status bar with verisign certificate for your notification.

confirmation message for registering your number

The details submitted will be stored in the bank database permanently. You will also be informed through either SMS or by email once the linking process is completed. The confirmation will be sent to your mobile number which is currently registered on your bank in your account.

The government of India is already pushed citizens to submit to  their respective banks. It is also mandatory to receive gas subsidies, avail various benefits introduced under government schemes. The linked accounts will get payments directly from concern departments. It will also ease the government to identify people who are beneficiaries.

In conclusion, the government is also planning to introduce bank account number portability. The only thing you should link it before. If it is introduced no need to remember bank your account number, IFSC code and customer ID. The individual can change their account from one bank to another bank without worrying about monthly salary credits, EMI deductions and any other financial transactions. Already all the major banks in India initiated and insisting their customers to do so.