February 16, 2017

List of Documents Required for GST Registration in India

There are some documents are required to apply for GST registration. Goods and Services Tax were introduced to replace taxes levied by the state and central government to bring comprehensive indirect tax on sales, manufacturing and purchased goods. The idea is to merge most of the taxes under single taxation system. The new system will significantly reform indirect taxation, facilitating common national market and lead easier administration in India. The consumer is going to benefited in terms of a reduction in overall tax burdens.

The list of documents required for GST registration:

(1) PAN Card of your Company

(2) Constitution Proof for example MOA (memorandum of association), partnership deed, AOA (articles of association) and certificate of incorporation.

(3) Proof of business location for example rent agreement or electricity bill is enough

(4) Cancelled bank cheque which should be mentioned with account holder's name, IFSC code of bank, MICR code and branch details of cheque book issued bank

(5) Authorized signature of list of partners with valid identity proof, address proof only if the firm is partnership firm. The list of directors with their identity proof, address proof should be submitted if it is a company.

PAN card number is mandatory issued under the Income Tax Act, 1961 to be eligible for registration under Section 19 of GST Law. The PAN card number is not mandatory for a non-resident taxable person who might have got registration on the support of any other document as prescribed.

Apart from above documents, as per the paragraph 5 in Schedule III, the following categories of persons are required register compulsorily irrespective of threshold limitation:

(1) The every electronic commerce operator
(2) The casual taxable persons
(3) The input service distributor
(4) The persons making any inter-state taxable supply
(5) The persons who are required to deduct the tax under the section number 37
(6) The persons who supply goods and services other than branded services through electronic commerce operator
(7) The persons who are required to pay the tax under the reverse charge
(8) The persons who supply goods and services on behalf of the other registered persons
(9) The non-resident taxable persons
(10) The persons may be notified by the Central Government of India or a State Government on the recommendations of the Council
(11) The person who is supplying services under his brand name or by his trade name

What is TRP and FC?

TRP is tax return preparer who prepares registration application and returns himself as a taxable person. The person will prepare prescribed format based upon information furnished. FC is facilitation centre responsible for digitizing and uploading the forms, documents and summary sheet duly signed by authorized signatory. After preparing a printout of acknowledgement shall be given to taxable person for reference.

The registration Certificate once granted is permanent unless applicant surrenders, canceled, suspended and revoked. The time limit for taking a registration should be within thirty days from the date. As per the section 2(6) the aggregate turnover includes value of:

(1) All the taxable & non-taxable supplies
(2) Exempt supplies
(3) Exports of goods and service of a person holding same Permanent Account Number

Please keep it mind that any person without registration cannot collect GST either from his customers or claim any input tax.