February 22, 2017

UAN Activation via SMS, Unified Portal & Mobile App

UAN activation is simplified for members through SMS, unified portal and mobile app. The process can be easily done without employer using their member ID, mobile number and 12 digit allotted number. This 12 digit number is allotted only one time for every citizen of India. Initially it was introduced with a purpose to associate account numbers of same person in to single number. The idea is to build existing entire system to function faster and more transparent. This allotted number is unique which cannot be changed even while switching job. As it is valid for entire life time of employee it can be portable through out career. Keep ready those prerequisite details mentioned before in your hand before preceding any of the given method.

uan activation sms format

To activate UAN through SMS type service code followed by 12 digit universal account number separated by comma with 22 digit member ID. The request should be sent to 7738299899. Here, service code ACT is a keyword is used for activating your universal account number, 123456789012 is example of 12 digit number and DLCPM00111110000004444 is sample 22 digit alpha numerical member ID of your account. The requester has to leave single space before ACT keyword and must strictly add comma between 12 digit number and member ID without any spaces for separation.

The above prescribed SMS format should be strictly sent from mobile number which belongs to current account of the member. The senders' mobile number will be associated automatically as mentioned in SMS. The requester is able to use services only after 48 hours from request sent from mobile.

The members may receive the following error messages while trying. These reasons will tell you to understand why the request could not be processed. (1) Any mistakes in message format will be replied back with correct format. (2) If your account is associated already with another mobile number, you will see a rejection message along with reason. The reason will inform you about through which method the particular number was undergone.

The retirement body has moved online services to unified portal from existing facility. The new interface will definitely impact among employees as it is very simple than before. The revamped look comes with same features as member portal but added with little more functionality. The members now can access new site address as shown in figure then follow these steps.

EPFO unified member portal interface

1. Go to unified portal through online then tap on activate UAN under important menu
2. Now type either member ID or AADHAAR number or PAN number in column
3. Type your full name, date of birth, mobile number and email id
4. Duplicate displayed captcha code in text box as shown then type the authorization pin number
5. Now your number is ready to login into unified portal once the above steps are accomplished

The labour ministry is using latest technologies for members in order to process their request faster. The release of app is another milestone which is already reached more than one millions installations among smartphone users. Here steps to follow through mobile app:

Mobile App Menu for UAN Activation

Step 1: Tap on first icon at home screen of app.
Step 2: Go to member area then tap on UAN activation.
Step 3: Now fill-up details of office, est and ext codes (Leave it as blank in case if you do not).
Step 4: Type your 12 digit account number along with mobile number.
Step 5: Verify typed inputs once again before submit.