February 15, 2017

VAHAN SMS Format to Trace Vehicle Registration, Owner Details by Number Plate

Now you can trace vehicle registration, owners details through prescribed Vahan SMS format. The only thing you must know is number plate of car or two wheeler. As per the recent reports more than 1,35,000 accidents occurs in India every year. The Tamil Nadu especially in Chennai records highest accidents than any other city in India. Most accidents in Delhi, Haryana, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai (Maharashtra) and in Gujarat occurs during peak hours and in the evening times. The socking news is one person dies in every 4 minutes.

Even i was an victim met an accident 12 years back met severe collision between mini truck and water tanker lorry. My left femur got severe fracture still i have difficulty in my leg after surgery. Whatsoever that bad time has gone after lot of emotional stress, financial expenditure and pains. The mini truck was escaped instantly from the spot. The policemen could not trace and still my insurance claiming case is pending in court as an enquiry status. The time has gone now RTO has introduced a facility to track owners information in the event of any collision. All you have to do is just note down or capture number plate either using mobile camera or in any paper. After that type prescribed SMS format as given below:

VAHAN <SPACE> Vehicle Registration Number then send it to either 09212357123 or 07738299899. For example: if the number plate is mentioned with TN 22 BH 0001 then type VAHAN TN22BH0001. Do not add any blank spaces between vehicle number. The serial number BH should not be omitted while typing the message. The sender will get reply in few seconds with the following details:

1. RTO Office Name with Registration number
2. Owners' Full Name as per RC book. The first owner name will be mentioned with number 1.
3. Vehicle Type : Petrol or Diesel
4. Vehicle Category : LMV (Light Motor Vehicle) or HMV (Heavy Motor Vehicle)
5. RC/ FC expiry date
6. Motor Vehicle Tax validity

I tested this format to trace my vehicle details myself. It works fine even i got reply through SMS to my mobile instantly. I just captured my mobile screen for your reference as a proof shown above. Nowadays people are aware of capturing it instantly without anyone's help. The major cities are equipped with CCTV cameras in case a fellow escape. Even in national highways cameras are also fixed at Toll plazas. There is another facility in online is also available to know your car chassis number. To check vehicle status visit online enquiry portal from here : https://goo.gl/JuY1sN

Type vehicle number in given column then press search. The first column is given for entering first 4 digit serial number (It is mostly alpha numerical format) and second column is for typing last 4 digit vehicle number. Now you will see vehicle status and chassis number in screen itself after search complete. It is important to check chassis number with RC book before buying any second hand car or two wheeler.

Benefits of Checking Vehicle Registration Number

1. Verify vehicle record before buying second hand car or bike to know number of previous owners
2. Find your car tax, FC (Fitness Certificate) validity for applying renewal timely
3. Know whether car is now in active status or not
4. Take appropriate action against a person through traffic police who is not following road safety rules and regulations

In conclusion, the government of India already insisting people to help victims. The advertisement is also being aired on most of the television channels. As per the recent supreme court order no enquiry over a person who comes forward to help the victim. It is duty of good human to help each other. The readers are requested to wear seat belts, helmets compulsorily as it is safe guard of our life.